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About protection of personal information

Placade Technologies Co., Ltd and our site sellers
will handle personal information about customers as follows.

1) Obtaining personal information

Placade Technologies Co., Ltd and our site sellers
are required to collect customer's name, Postcode, Address,
Email Address, Phone Number, credit card number (Name, Postcode, Address, Phone Number of addressee in case of gift)
etc.from customer's when using our customer services.

2) Use of personal information

Placade Technologies Co., Ltd and our site sellers will use personal information of users only for
the purposes of the following range.
・ When delivering e-mail distribution service mail to order person or registered users
・ When customer delivers ordered Product etc.
・ Confirmation and guidance for customers to receive service.
・ When delivering helpful announcement to registered users.
・ When it is necessary to contact the registered user for some reason or the other.

3) Disclosure of personal information to third parties

Placade Technologies Co., Ltd and sellers of this site
will not disclose the registered personal information to a third party
unless authorized by the user / registered members, except in the following cases.
In addition, we will suspend information provision to the outside as soon as possible,
if requested to stop providing such information.
・ When meeting the purpose of use presented in advance
・ In case of necessity to carry out legal obligation
・ When disclosure is required based on the law from a court, a public prosecutor's office, a police, a public institution such as a bar association, etc.
・ There are legitimate reasons to protect third party's life property or honor.
・ When the use of the information does not identify the customer.
・ For the purpose of use in the preceding paragraph if Placade Technologies Co., Ltd. or a company that engages in business under contract with a store from this site will deem the information Necessary.

4) Attention to users

Placade Technologies Co., Ltd and sellers on this site
may send you some of your personal information by e-mail to the person
who registered as a buyer for personal confirmation and various contacts.
However, please keep these items carefully so that they will not be abused by third parties.

5) About using IP address and cookie

In addition to stipulating this policy regarding the privacy of the
user, we will never accept your information without your consent.
The use of cookies and the like will be limited only for the purpose of
operation of a specific service or software. If the user uses the fixed
IP address, there is a possibility that monitoring by the third
party software will be done through the Internet, but please be careful
about this yourself.

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